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If you want to change the color of belt, straps and three-dimensional flower of the dress, please leave us a massage when you place the order.

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Celebrations - Style MB7012

Celebrations - Style MB7012



Dress to impress

Wow, this is a great dress, fits perfect and great quality material. I feel like a million bucks in this dress. Thank you.



I read the reviews after I bought the dress, and I won't lie to you, I was absolutely terrified that I had just wasted my money on a dress I could never wear. Just got it in, and the shipping was really much faster than expected. Now, I'm going to give you all a 411 on this dress, or at least the one I received.The one I got is EXACTLY like the one in the image. It is chiffon, or close enough not to matter honestly. The polka dots are the same as well, as is the zipper on the side and the elastic on the arms. Now, I got mine in a large because I run well into the busty side and I know that I have to go up a size or two depending on the fabric. This has no give or flex, so you definitely should go up a size if you're top heavy like me.Just a 411- I'm 5'8 inches at 165 lbs, medium bone and running to the curvier side of things and really busty. I am by no means thin at all so I can say I speak from at least the middle range of female forms.Now, here is what I didn't get. I saw a lot of comments about the top being open and needing a shirt underneath to keep your boobs from being a bit too out there. I had no such problem at all actually, it's a sweet little cross over and I flash no breasts what so ever. I also saw comments about the collar, again I have no issue with it. It's a fold over one, pretty typical with this sort of crossover. It sits perfectly flat for me so I don't see how it can be an issue for others? I saw a lot of issues with the sleeves and I can tell you that I have no problem with them whatsoever. They weren't too tight for me and I got big arms, so really, not sure what's going on there. The length was fine for me and I got a toosh, and it covered me up just fine. Came about an inch or two above my knees, still perfectly decent to wear out for many occasions. The see through thing... Now I have to admit that the lining on it is waaay to thin to provide any sort of real coverage. So yes, a slip would be a wise idea when wearing this dress. As for the top part, when I tried it on I was wearing a black bra, and it didn't show at all. Was just the bottom that gave me a bit of an issue.I will say that the way the dress falls is not as open or...free flowing? As the one in the image, but again, I'm a bigger girl so I tend to fill my stuff out a bit more than the more willowy figures. I think wearing a pannier with this dress would be FANTASTIC! Would fill it out a bit and give it a very cute shape. I chose to wear mine with a thick belt because they are right about the ruching about the middle. It's not...very flattering with my shape and it draws attention rather than disguises. With the belt though, it's totally adorable and really draws the eye to the curves.Overall, this dress totally deserves the five stars I'm giving it. I do feel bad for anyone who got the short end of the stick with it because I am thoroughly happy with my purchase. If your busty, buy it larger. Better to dart it in yourself or have it taken in, than have it be too small. I'll be tailoring mine in a bit soon about the waist, but it's not a major necessity. Honestly, very cute dress and at the price? Why not give it a go?



Fits great. Looking to wearing it at Christmasm


choose the next size up from your normal size

Very unique piece of clothing. Fits my style though it is a little tight for a large. Looks great with tights and sexy boots



I usually don't leave a review but this dress is too darn cute and fits perfect and is very forgiving will be very comfortable all night long for my daughters wedding


Five Stars

Very nice dress! The fabric is softer than I expected and seems good to wear in hot weather.


Five Stars

I love this dress. I'll probably order it in a few more colors.

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